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Demo Team

The I.K. Kim Ja Be Ryu Demo Team consists of an elite group of students, from the various I.K. Kim school locations, who train together and perform throughout the year at promotion tests, tournaments, and other local area events.  The Demo Team consists of serious students who want to sharpen their skills, learn more advanced techniques, and deepen their understanding of the martial arts.  As representatives of the I.K. Kim Ja Be Ryu organization, students who make the team must exhibit respectful and enthusiastic attitudes, train seriously, and give 110% effort.

Try-outs are held twice per year (spring and fall).  Try-out dates will be posted on the Announcement page and will also be announced in class at each gym location.  Students must receive their Head Instructor's approval to try-out.

Team Eligibility:  As of the time of the try-out, any student who is between 7 and 17 years of age and who has attained the rank of brown belt or higher may try-out.

Training:  Team practices special breaking techniques, self-defense techniques, advanced kicking techniques, as well as synchronized basic motions and forms.

Team Instructors:  Master M. Zimmer, 6th dan, Master K. Marner, 6th dan, Mr. U. Kadekaro, 2nd dan.

Practice Schedule:  Team meets twice per month at time/location noted on Demo Team practice schedule. 

Uniforms:  For performances, the team wears special Demo Team uniforms/belts.  Mrs. Kim splits the cost with team members.  Cost to students is approximately $40 to $45 depending upon size of uniform.